Arctophilia Handcrafted Textiles

We retail a luxury range of exclusive handcrafted fur fabrics for artist mohair bears and soft sculpture...

These handcrafted textile designs are exclusive to us and made in-house. We use various fur pile fabrics, made from viscose, mohair, and cotton. The design process is a time consuming one. Firstly the design and colour is a high level artist thought process, taken from art pad to fabric. Once chosen the fabric is prepared to accept the dye. We use only non toxic dyes and mix our own blends of colour. The dye process differs with each design but can mean several individual dying processes to create each very unique piece. This whole process make every single piece a spectacular individual piece of artwork. These fabrics are wonderful used singular but can also be combined with plain dyed fabrics and other wonderful mohair and viscose textile fur fabrics we retail. 

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