When creating a teddy bear with Wobble Joints the bear will have loose jangly joints like a very old bear, this gives your bear a special character. The joints also enable you to create a movable swivel head and arms and legs...

You are ordering one 5 pack of Wobble joints, this will make one teddy bear or bear friend.

Choose your size from the selection.

Other size packs are available in our other listings.

Sizes 8 - 12mm come without extra metal washers

5pk Fine Red Board Wobble Joints

Red Board Cotter-pin Joints
  • Each 5pk of wobble joints come with ten board discs, twenty metal washers and ten steel pins. This pack will fully joint one bear.

    These 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, & 18mm discs are made of strong red board.

    Not suitable for childrens toys.



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