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5pk Fine Red Board Cotter-pin Joints

5pk Fine Red Board Cotter-pin Joints

PriceFrom £1.12

When teddy bear making cotter-pin Joints are the traditional method of jointing a bear. They enable you to create a movable swivel head and arms and legs.

You are ordering one 5 pack of cotterpin joints, this will make one teddy bear or bear friend.

Choose your size from the selection.

Other size packs are available in our other listings.

All sizes of Joints come with metal washers.

  • Product Data

    Each 5pk of cotter-pin joints comes with ten board discs, ten small metal washers and five steel pins. This pack will fully joint one teddy bear.

    These 10mm - 18mm discs are made of strong red board.

    Not suitable for childrens toys.




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