These felt squares are made from natural fibres a blend 30% wool 70% viscose. They come in a beautiful range of both muted solid and marled colours that will blend with many shades of mohair to give your craft a high quality feel.  

This fabric is suitable for 4" to 36" pawpads and many other crafts. 

Wool Felt is a non-woven textile. There is no thread or weaving involved in production. It originates as wool roving and viscose fibre heat is added, moisture and agitation, the roving compacts and matts the fibres together tightly and pressure is then applied to form what we refer to as wool felt.


Wool Blend Felt Fabric Holly Green Marl

  • Colour -  Holly Green Marl

    Fabric - 30% wool 70% Vicose felt

    Size -  9" x 9"  Square


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