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"The art of 'Teddy Bear Making' is one of the most addictive and satisfying craft forms i've ever had the honoured privilege to master and teach"...

                                                                                                                                           Lorraine Edwards

                                                                                                                         Award Winning Artist and Designer 

Why Book a Bear Making Course?

"Bear Making is like breathing life into fabric". "You simply take a beautiful fabric and create something even more wonderful from it. It's addictive because every time you repeat the same process you create a different character". "You simply lose your heart and fall in love again and again"...


If you are may be reading this wondering if you could possibly even make a bear, let me put your mind at rest, you are not alone many professional bear artists have felt like that at some point.

Nearly everyone I have taught and I include myself in this, has bought patterns, books, fabrics, and even watched videos, then sat alone at home and made something they wished had turned out maybe a little more pleasing to the eye. Reading and watching is one thing but you can't replace significant professional hands-on competant guidance. 

My unique bear making courses have been specifically designed to pass on my own vast wealth of knowledge to new bear makers and budding artists. But I also work alongside other bear making professional who are alway at hand to add their own amazing dynamic to my bear making courses. You will certainly learn great things from each of them.

The Bear making courses are held in a friendly boardroom table setting where you can freely learn, chat and have a genuinely fun filled day. I cannot stress enough the sheer pleasure these course bring to those who attend. In Short while learning this creative craft you will gain knowledge, off load all your worries and gain some amazing new friends. 

Attend one of my courses and I will promise you may start the day a novice, but by the time you go home you will have learnt enough to be able to create bears in a professional manner, with the added bonus you are taking away a beautiful new bear or bear friend with you!

If you wish to book a course for yourself or as a gift for a loved one click on the 'Book Bear Making Courses Online' link above, choose your favourite course date then follow, each link through to paying the deposit.

I hope to make this special creative journey with you one day soon...

Love and blessings... Lorraine 

We ship all parcels by fast secure tracked mail... 

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