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But it's not just, a bear workshop. It's a sit down, and have a good chin wag, a catch up with dear friends.
I think of us more, as a support group, and the bears are just a bonus.
We sit. We talk. We listen, and we eat lots! Some in the group, spoil us a bit too much. Their kind, and bad for anyone trying to diet.

Sian Cowley


It was a beautiful day, good times xxxx

Maria Deville Harrop



Thank you for a lovely day Lanie and everyone....
Thanks also for the hot choc. Sue, and the delicious lemon drizzle cake...
Love my badger... Hope to see all later in the year...

Meg Clowes


Fab day and brilliant pattern. ❤️

Stephanie Lester


Fabulous day, thanks so much!

Nicola Vern Jenks


Thank you Lanie for another wonderful workshop and for arranging our meal out tonight. 

Michelle Sandwell


Thank you for today Lanie. I love my bear and can't wait to make more.
Hope those travelling home have a safe journey and those staying have a wonderful meal out. Xx

Sharon Dawson


 It was a lovely day thank you again xxx

Rachel Paynter

Teddy Bear Making Course Info

Professional Bear Making Workshops 

Bear Making Courses

"Bear Making is like actually breathing life into fabric!" "You simply take a flat piece of luxurious fabric and create something magical..." "Every time you repeat the process its different, you simply lose your heart and fall in love yet again and again..."

                                                                                                       Lorraine Edwards

Professional artist led bear making workshops 

If you are may be reading this wondering if you could possibly even make a bear, let us put your mind at rest, you are not alone many professional bear artists have felt like that at some point. Nearly everyone our professional artist has taught has bought patterns, books and fabrics, then sat alone at home and made something they wished had turned out maybe a little more pleasing to the eye.


Professional bear making is about much more than making something cute like a childrens soft toy. Creating something that is aesthetically and anatomically correct, that sits and calls out professional high quality is not something that is easy to achieve correctly or quickly on your own. For many it takes years of practice. If you are serious about creating high quality bears, and want to shorten the road to becoming highly proficient, our advice is be cautious with your money and make sure you choose a qualified longstanding professional bear artist to tutor you. Check out the quality standard and look of their own work this will guide you.

 Our multi award winning bear artist has had over 40 years practising art and design, and years of hands on experience tutoring, even some students that couldn't thread a needle have gone home happy! She is generous with her time, professional skills, boundless knowledge and has the ability to put anyone nervous at ease. 

Attend one of our bear making courses and you will not only have our award winning professional artists help and advice, but also the help of other teddy bear making professionals who regularly attend our courses. Every course we hold offers a new pattern design experience and the pleasure of spending a day creating with other like minded bear crafters. 

If you choose to attend one of our bear making courses as beginner or seasoned maker we can promise you will never feel intimidated by anyone. All the groups are small and friendly. The advice and support you will receive from attending is absolutely second to none. 

Each day course is held in a professional board room setting. The venue is within easy reach of all motorways and close proximity to the railway and bus station with available taxi cabs to hand if needed. Safe car parking is next to the venue. The venue also has its own friendly tea shop restaurant downstairs.


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