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Remastered - Teddy Bear Pattern Archie

Remastered - Teddy Bear Pattern Archie


An original artist design created by Lorraine Edwards 

This professional artist teddy bear pattern includes patterns in two sizes giving you the ability to make a large and small mini version of this beautiful bear. Both sizes work well in various fabrics.




The copyright of the original pattern design remains the property of Lorraine Edwards the designer. Internet publication, reproduction, copying, re-sale, tutoring, mass manufacture and comercial usesage are forbidden without written consent.

Lorraine does allow bear makers to make and sell from her patterns, but please kindly make reference to her original design.


This listing is for the original paper pattern only.

Additional items you will also require to make your bear:

Large bear

Mohair of your own choice 1/8th metre piece

5 x  cotter pin joints 

1 pair of  black glass eyes

Small bear

Mohair of your own choice 1/16th metre piece

5 x cotter pin joints

1 pair of black glass eyes


Further Supplies Required

A square of felt or ultrasuede for paw pads 
Polyester stuffing

Sewing thread
Extra strong thread for inserting the eyes
Embroidery perle for features

Items You Will Also Need In Your Bear Making Tool Box
Template sheet or tracing paper
A fine permanent marker
Small sharp scissors

An awl
Small pliers
A long doll needle

A stuffing tool


Find other bear patterns and complete kits are available in individual listings...


    An original design created by Lorraine Edwards

    This listing is for the original paper pattern only.

    You will receive one 2019 fully revised double pattern with A4 or A3 pattern sheets and detailed instruction sheets on how to construct your bear.



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